Codename : NodeNoggin

So today I submitted a proposal for possible inclusion in MozFest on the 26th - 28th October 2018.

I’ve posted the proposal on my blog and Mozilla post the submission on github here which is also openly available for anyone to view during the curation process.

Part of my PhD work is going to be giving hopefully some insight into a small open project and the process of open collaboration when trying to build a new tool such as NodeNoggin.

So I thought why not document some of the process here and thus open up the process to discussion, whether successful or not for inclusion in MozFest, NodeNoggin will be motoring away as we have to start building.

I think I’ll do a specific podcast episode shortly for some background but big next piece is the awesome PERL wizard @mlparker has come round to some Vue.js magic and we will be making a bit of a step forward on the 11th of August.

Here is a quick recent visualization, stepping out from reading mode to visualizing connections to an image focus mode