Episode 21 - Banning Mobile Phones in School

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Why banning mobile phones in a school is not really a positive move as this TES article seems to suggest.



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Thanks Adam! As I mentioned in our Slack channel:

  1. Nothing to get you into trouble here
  2. I think you could have also mentioned the fact that you can’t be critical of technologies unless you’re exposed to them (although you do hint at that in the bit on ‘digital natives’
  3. Unsurprisingly, I do think you’re misguided about the ‘factual recall’ argument. Factual information does matter, as it’s what’s synthesised into knowledge. Your example of King Harold and the Battle of Hastings is a good one. It kind of matters that this was 1,000 years ago, and happened before the Magna Carta (1215). You have to have a starting point to build an argument and you can’t be constantly pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

Keep going with the microcasts! :slight_smile:

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Hey Adam,

It feels like there has been so much written about phones lately. I have been sitting with my thoughts for a while and decided to let them go.

Would love any thoughts. Really feel like I am missing something or maybe it is just complicated.


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Nice, I think it is complicated and needs much more critical thought. Much more than I am able to !
However I think some key points.

  • as Augmented humans (via phones) are we “better” equipped to perform tasks
  • Consumption led Culture is this a “bad” thing
  • Our own relationships with our Cyborg parts can this be damaging ?
  • the world seems to be currently in a mode of the Attention Economy and self centred views (trump, brexit, alt-right) this bears on the above as well

Its a lot of ethical considerations which probably means overall augmenting ourselves with tech is a good thing but we need to think seriously about our own use’s and that this is still a primitive age for said tech, which often has consequences we didn’t foresee.

More food for thought than anything.