Gathered feedback from Monday

I asked Students to describe in one paragraph and why it was useful for them. We captured them in of course . I wanted to pop them here in as a list as well to capture and possibly discuss.

  • I feel like its been able to help me see what my group members are thinking without me asking - better communication possibly within the group However when you don’t see people making notes it does leave you a bit annoyed as it is a “group” project
  • Everyone can input their ideas before we discuss, almost like having a group discussion and everyone is speaking out loud at the same time without interrupting each other.
  • Allows for multiple people to collaborate on annotation with ease.
  • Group notepad
  • Combined communication with notes that can be shared with classmates.
  • Holding notes to move somewhere else later.
  • Really efficient and will help me to see my other teams notes and vice versa.
  • Enabled me to see my team opinions on the project in real time.
  • This tool is enabling me to talk to my groupmates
  • It is like a big endless notebook, that is being used by many people at once, but it can be also easily organised.