Interface design

Know of any graphical interfaces or representations that excite you?

Perhaps its Discovr and its great way to show you how music is connected??

or Otl Aicher’s simplification of the landscape??

Feel free to post links / images / ideas here.

A big phase of the project is going to be the design of the interface itself.

Currently I believe the tech structure I have pulled together with @mlparker could make the UI element in the data a totally swappable object. Which would be awesome for the open nature of the project as well as playing with different representations of the data.

Now I have written a little on data design in the past but my current focus is on user interface design and a lot of information design tends to be about just making big data look nice.

I am keen to investigate spatial UI and spatial hypertext. I’ve linked to some apps that I have already found here

However what I am after is a look at alternatives that might help to provide something new, exciting and that’s really extends the physical design studio.

Thoughts, links, and ideas that you think I should look at welcome.

Off to read again The Interface Effect :stuck_out_tongue:

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related reading -

The Visual Notation for OWL Ontologies (VOWL) is a well-specified visual language for the user-oriented representation of ontologies. It defines graphical depictions for most elements of the Web Ontology Language (OWL) that are combined to a force-directed graph layout visualizing the ontology.

Not keen on the force directed aspect, too automated but worth noting the spec.

Some more related reading from 1996!

Collected links here -