No shift!

Most people when they type use shift to capitalise a letter in their sentence. For instance, when I just typed “For instance” I use Shift + F to capitalise the F. The issue with using Shift and a letter as a short cut, however, is that it can interrupt note-making. In this version, whenever I use Shift C to type a capital C, it finishes the note and turns on connection mode. This ends up leaving me with unfinished notes. Please consider using Ctrl instead of Shift. There is a reason why Ctrl is used in online for shortcuts, as it tends to have no other use for most people.

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CTRL is the next option. I just know that some of the shortcuts interfere with the OS browser shortcuts on Windows specifically but will review and switch to CTRL. Thanks.

You could maybe CTRL-SHIFT-LETTER?

its a balance between speed and ease, I switch to CTRL + 1 /2/3 but of course in Windows this switches between tabs in your current browser, so back to the drawing board.

Awesome new shortcuts are in. Blog post coming.