Some feedback from Alpha Testing

I would switch the word instance for space or community, right now jargon has the boldest “design weight”

Create an X, an X is it’s own instance…
onboarding is amazingly smooth. nice job
could there be a problem with a user name and instance having the same name?
I should be able to toggle connection mode on and off rather than having to activate each time
I like the short cut menu, that helps
I don’t know how to edit or delete a note
ohh okay double click
the list views do not have secondary connections in the taxonomy show up as sublists
I can turn turn connection mode on and make a new note
I wish I could resize the textboxes of notes
svg#space should be set to overflow
Going to link pdfs to each reference,
ohh @adamprocter see that orphaned note? I can’t delete it. I double click on it to get the text iput field, hit delete but it stays
! yes @jgmac1106 this is amazing feedback - and your right instance is wrong, I am talking about a community of practice… will think delete toggles a flag but doesnt visualise that toggle yet
if you call the instance and devcie the same doesnt matter, do note that if someone else uses the same device name (atm) this will basically make them owner of your data, hasnt happened yet but will be something Ill remove later, for now its good for clearing data sometimes
I am confused by device name, why is it a device? I can access it from any device?
@jgmac1106 if you are able to post this as one thing into public I would love it
A: yes device name is also not quiet right, if yoiu use the same name you can access the same data from any device, its a unique identifer but i dont want to encourage username or your name … more to think
G: it is a room or a node, if I am a community, you could call them gardens, don’t know if you ave an overall design metaphor you are drawing from
G: device makes me think I can only access on the iMac I made it on
G: could just be document name
G: f you want to NOT encourage names will need to think on being more specific that was my first instinct to use my username
G: Also think when a connection is made at a secondary level the font size should be smaller by default, really I want to be able to decide border, background, and color of any text box
G:and size…for making purty purposes
A: I am building a design manifesto…. so I need to consider some metaphore… (Ill post my replys into disccoure as well as this is all golden)
A: fear not grouping / colouring / data information is coming
A: co-creation is the key… so might use that to think around metphores… it could be labs… hmm will thinkg
D: To me the metaphor (stars! planets! constellations!) and colour scheme (black and white, with maybe a highlight colour) is pretty obvious…

Thanks @jgmac1106 for posting the out of our Slack chat here will allow me to capture, consider and reflect.

Popping @jgmac1106’s blog post into here as well.